Trump is the definition of a Psychopath (PDF file)

Bad Cops Get Good Cops Killed (PDF file)

Breaking The Chains of Psychological Slavery (PDF file)

Christmas card to Reagan (PDF file)

We have become our enemy (PDF file)

Advocacy or Hypocrisy? (PDF file)

Multinational Hypocrisy Strikes! (PDF file)

The Politics of Hate (PDF file)

Adolescent Suicide - Guest Editorial (PDF file)

After the Smoke and Mirrors - Reality and the American Child (PDF file)

True Legacy of the Reagan Administration Policies

Racist Personality Disorder (PDF File)

Why Our Children Are Killing Themselves (PDF File)



As a practicing child, adult and family psychiatrist, Willie T. Hamlin, M.D., designed the 3Cs website to foster the positive development of every child and adult, regardless of race (Afro-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian), sex, gender, religion, nationality or economic status.

The 3Cs website has clothes and other products ideal for portraying positive imaging, political messages, and humor.  These include items such as t-shirts, hats, mouse pads, bumper stickers.  Educational materials include textbooks, guide books, speeches and articles.